Yvette’s market range can be seen at the Wollongong Mall produce & creative arts market every Friday fortnight, as well as other festival events throughout the year.

Location: Wollongong Mall, Lower Crown St

Time: 8.30am – 3pm

2010 Dates:

I will be back at the markets

in July 2010.


Silver Concave Ring
silver concave ring

Mens Silver Rings
mens silver rings       

Double Strand Necklace
double strand necklace

Mixed Gem Swirl Drop
mixed gem swirl drop

silver onyx & rutile quartz
silver onyx & rutile quartz

Silver, matt onyx
silver, matt onyx

Onyx, rutile quartz, silver
onyx, rutile quartz, silver

Silver open ring
silver open ring

paua shell & amethyst bracelet
paua shell & amethyst bracelet

Red coral stamped silver
red coral stamped silver

Red sea bamboo
red sea bamboo        

Silver, black resin
silver, black resin      

Oval donut silver pendant
oval donut silver pendant

Mixed gem drop necklace
mixed gem drop necklace

Silver hammered dome pendant
silver hammered dome pendant