Tourmaline & Wedding bands


Opal swirl ring

Beach Pebble silver textured

Sapphire and fine claws

Plaited gold

Purple Heart Timber

Tanzanite & 2 tone gold

Tattoo platinum & silver

Mixed diamonds engraved gold ring

Mixed Gem stack rings

Opal marque pendant

Opal hand cut silver earrings

Red coral silver spliced pendant

Zircon,Topaz, Diamond & Titanium Teflon rings

Boulder opal silver wrap pendant

Blue Zircon, Diamonds, gold swirl engagement ring

Nautilus pendant

Diamond gold remodelled engagement ring

Opal silver pendant

Garnet, Tourmaline lace print pendant

Opal earrings

Wedding rings

Wedding rings - twist & inlay

Opal triant pendant

Retro Vinyl & Silver

Beach pebble & silver earrings

Beach pebble & silver pendants

Black Opal gold ring

Titanium wedding ring

Opal pendant

Pink Diamond gold engagement ring

Smokey Quartz diamond

Dark Jade silver inlaid earrings & ring

Pearl amethyst opal ring

Opal Pearl pendant

Kyanite spliced necklace & earrings

Boulder Opal gold stack rings

Black coral spliced earrings

Hammered square frame opal pendant

Diamonds curved 2 gold ring

Mixed gold Aztec ring

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Sapphire and fine claws