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Stone Setting, Carving & Casting Workshop

Make your own wax carved ring or pendant over 2 creative days in the workshop with Yvette. 

Stone setting worksop



This is an advanced workshop where you will need previous knowledge of silver jewellery making. It is held on 2 days over 2 different weeks. You will improve on your previous silver-smithing techniques such as: sawing, annealing, soldering, forming, texturing, polishing and learn new skills with stone setting, wax carving and cleaning up a casting.


Workshops are held in my home studio in Tarrawanna. The address will be sent to you via email once you make your booking. Snacks, tea, coffee & water is provided.

Cost is $250 AUD per person for the 2 days. This will include an information pack, some consumables, a small amount of silver, the use of my tools and equipment and my knowledge and assistance.

Additional fees will be charged for the cast ring, approximately $50. You can purchase a cabochon stone during class (approximately $15 - $20) or feel free to shop online for a CABOCHON STONE ONLY and bring it to class. A minimum stone size of 10mm round or oval is required.

Each workshop class has no more than 4 students, ensuring the teaching time is very much one on one. There is a minimum requirement of 3 students, before a workshop will proceed.

Book now by clicking the button on the right, or if you have any questions email or phone 0422 090 413. 


Date:    Sun 26th Mar & Sun 2nd Apr

Time:   9am - 3pm 

Cost:    $250 AUD + casting silver metal       (approx $50) & a cabochon stone ($15)

Please note this is a 2 day workshop over a Saturday or Sunday. eg, Week 1 & Week 2.


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