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and a passion for creating jewellery, has led Yvette to where she is today. 

A love for gems...

Yvette de Mestre is a contemporary Australian Jeweller who creates unique pieces with artistry. She enjoys experimenting with different materials and the handmade process. She loves working closely with a client on a commission to create an original, personalised piece.

Her collections have developed, as she experiments and explores new techniques and technology. Inspiration comes in many forms from nature, including organic and symmetrical shapes, found objects, precious colourful gemstones: all incorporated into a variety of gold, silver, platinum and other valuable metals.


"Making jewellery is an art form and provides me with hours of pleasure and satisfaction."

Portrait photography by Amani Lindsell

A highly skilled jewellery designer with an impressive educational background, Yvette holds a Bachelor of Education, an Associate Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design, a Jewellery Manufacture Trade Certificate from the Enmore Design Centre (TAFE), and a Diploma in Gemmology from the Gemmological Association of Australia. Yvette's extensive education and training have honed her craft and allowed her to create exquisite pieces of jewellery that are truly one-of-a-kind.


Yvette has worked with renowned jewellers in both London and Sydney. Currently, Yvette is sharing her expertise and passion for jewellery by teaching weekly evening classes at Sturt Gallery & Studios in Mittagong, NSW. In addition to teaching, she continues to design and create unique commmission pieces and carries out jewellery repairs and workshops in her home studio located in Wollongong. Yvette's exquisite collections can be found in select galleries and boutiques throughout Australia.

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